Reisverslag 14-daagse B&B rondreis Authentiek Ierland

Familie Salthammer

Dhr. en Mw. Salthammer deden onze 14-daagse Bed & Breakfast rondreis Authentiek Ierland in mei/juni 2014.

Our first trip to Ireland was amazing and unbelievable 

Dear Ivo, Dear all of the Echt Ierland team,

Finally, we found some time to send you our greetings and a big THANK YOU!!!

Our first trip to Ireland was amazing and unbelievable. What a fantastic country! Our eyes couldn`t handle all the impressions, so we are still enjoying all the pictures in our minds. We only met kind and helpful irish people, which was so much fun! Too many pubs, too much beer :)

Our appreciation certainly go to you guys. You did a fantastic job. Starting with the planning of the tour, the nice DVD we got before, the welcome back card we received afterwards and most of all…the tour itself.

Our B&Bs were fantastic and every host was so kind and lovely. Mostly we felt like a family member and got hidden tips which we followed. So, we didn`t felt like the usual tourist. It was the right decision booking a trip where we had most of the time 2 overnight stays. Otherwise it would have been to stressful in packing and driving. So, this was also perfect.

The one or other B&B were sometimes kind of “in the middle of nowhere”, BUT so convenient for traveling to the real nice spots on the island. All of them were really nice, clean and cosy. Good choice!

Best of the best is definitely the support. Not only in advance, especially during the trip. Finding out a good route and good B&Bs is one part (the easiest), but taking care of their customers is the toughest one. And here you guys were wonderful!

There is really no one to point out, BUT  Sandra was doing a fantastic job, during the strike of Air Lingus and offering her help while having some problems with the car. Thank you so much for that. It made our trip even nicer, knowing that there is someone, somewhere around…just in case help is needed or, even better, before we realized that help is needed!!!

That makes the difference! Working in the hospitality for now 20 years, I really appreciate your efforts and know the difference. Seems like you guys like and have fun in what you are doing!

Long story short….

Unbelievable country, fantastic trip, nice weather, lovely B&Bs, perfect trip organization and a travel agent that I have never experienced before! Good Job!!!

Certainly we will carry this out around the internet world as well – You can be sure, that we will come back again!

All the best!
Nils & Vanessa Salthammer

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